Optimize your business with SD-WAN

SD-WAN helps to organize data and make communication more fluid, establishing strict security measures for the protection of the data provided. This is an important factor for large companies, which are increasingly seeking a guarantee for their operating systems; as well as the streamlining of processes and the reduction of time.
The speed in information, access to the web, security of information, significant improvements in communications, connecting more and more users with greater speed and reduction in costs, are just some of the advantages offered the implementation of sd-wan technology.

With the increase in data security, the company will have the guarantee that it will be able to access at any time and will be able to keep important details. By lowering costs, you will achieve greater monetary flow, which can be used in various projects for the future of the company.
The SD-WAN System is subdivided into:
Cloud Net Manager Controller
• Provides a useful and simple visual interface
• Facilitates monitoring
Cloud Net Manager Provisioner
• Automatic tool configurations
• Certificate of and guarantees your communications
• Follow-up and support (feedback)
• Secure connectivity
Cloud Net Manager Base:
• Global Reach
• Soluble; allows you to introduce changes gradually as you update with information with an intelligent guide. Based on the cloud
• High capacity to support high numbers of nodes
• The public in the cloud or in the central data of the owner
• Integration of channels on a single platform
• Introduce tools as it develops
• Adaptability and customization
• Easy to use
• Reduces operational costs
Cloud Net Manager Servicer
• Channelized inventory optimization
• Additional security
Cloud Net Manager Visualizer
• High-level monitoring of users and services
• Help in marketing decisions
One of the characteristics of SD WAN is the control it has over the choice of route, depending on the application and the links that are available. In most cases, the links with the highest performance are the most selected, due to the many advantages they offer.